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Matchmaking for Social Good

We connect those who wish to get involved to social impact projects who need support.

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Get involved with COVID response projects.

How It Works
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Explore Projects

Let us know what you’re looking for, and we will propose the top opportunties for you.

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Follow a project’s living storybook and contribute available time, money, or skills at any point.

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Track Impact

Integrate social impact into your daily life, and track personal or shared impact over time.

What Makes Us Different
What Makes Us Different

The current giving process is disconnected, which leads to inefficient use of resources. We integrate each step to maximize end-to-end impact.


Impact Framework

To guide our project selection, we start by developing an integrated impact framework for each social cause we support.


Checks & Balances

Projects then walk through our funnel, which includes built-in checks & balances to increase chances of project success and impact.


Resource Matchmaking

Once approved, projects are then available for matchmaking, where you can connect in the way that works best for you.


Impact Tracking

Whether you donate, volunteer, or advocate, we then help both you and the project track impact so we can continually improve how impact is achieved.

Causes We Care About
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Adequate Housing

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Good Health &


Quality Education

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Zero Hunger

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Clean Water & Sanitation

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Climate Action




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