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Matchmaking for Social Good

Maximize your impact with curated opportunities that best match your interests and available resources

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Get involved with COVID response projects.

Get involved in the way that works best for you
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Explore Our Causes

Learn and equip yourself with the knowledge to best create your impact in the cause you care about.

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Collaborate With Projects

Follow a project’s living storybook and contribute available time, money, or skills at any point.

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Share With Others

Invite the people you care about to set giving goals, contribute as a team, and track shared impact over time.

How We Put Impact First

Project-Focused over Organization-Focused
Our projects are not organizations, but actionable and measurable deliverables. They can be proposed by nonprofits, for-profits, or even a team of dreamers.

Living Storybook

Our living storybooks are designed to show you the direct impact of your contributions by providing you visibility into a project’s journey through regular, bite-sized updates.

Vetted Projects
All of our projects pass a rigorous evaluation process to ensure a first layer of credibility. Once approved, projects will share their progress to further build your trust.

Personalized Experience

Our platform leverages your unique strengths to maximize impact towards social good. Track this impact with a personal dashboard equipped with every giver account.

Causes We Care About
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Adequate Housing

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Good Health &


Quality Education

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Zero Hunger

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Clean Water & Sanitation

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Climate Action




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