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We connect social impact projects with businesses who give.

How It Works

Businesses Create Offers

Businesses Create Offers

As a Corporate Changemaker, get involved in the way that works best for you. Whether it is through funding, volunteers, or pro bono services.

Social Impact Projects Apply

As a Social Impact Project, receive a list of curated corporate changemakers, and apply to available offers using a single application.

Social Impact Projects Apply

Match & Collaborate

After matching, collaborate together to complete the project. From there, you can share project impact internally and externally.

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Letter from the Giveshop Team

Hi Changemakers, With what is happening in Ukraine and the COVID pandemic, it is becoming clearer that there needs to be a way to quickly and efficiently provide humanitarian aid. The challenge is knowing how to best help. This question is the same question that drove us to build GiveShop. We wanted to know how we can best help efforts addressing our world’s most pressing problems. How we can best help efforts aiming to improve minimum quality of life. Our solution became a matchmaking platform that continually learns how to maximize impact. It does this by creating a feedback loop that takes project outcomes to inform our framework for selecting projects. As a startup that is continually learning and building, we were nervous launching an imperfect product, but we want GiveShop to be leveraged in the way that it is intended. And the best way to do this and to learn is to take action. As we take our product to support humanitarian needs arising from the Ukraine/Russia conflict. Our ask for the community is to be patient with us as we develop, and to be proactive in providing us feedback as it is the only way we can continue to serve you all better. Any feedback can be directly sent to community@giveshop.app Thank You, Giveshop Team

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