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Curated Giving for Businesses

Match with impact organizations who can best utilize your offer

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The Challenge

Giving Can Be Lose/Lose

When what a business offers does not line-up with what an impact organization needs, it can costs both sides more than the value gained.

How we help

Save Time, Maximize Impact

By matchmaking businesses and impact organizations, we can create connections up to 10x faster and ensure resources line-up with needs, creating more win/win situations.

1. Create an Offer

Let us know what you wish to give and who you wish to give to. We’ll curate the top matches for you.

2. Review Top Candidates

After identifying, contacting, and evaluating candidates to ensure their needs match your offer, we will create a short list of top candidates for your team.

3. Make a Selection

For final project selection, you can either assign an executive decision maker, or engage your employees to vote.

4. Match & Collaborate

When both sides agree, it’s a match! Based on the resource offered, we'll provide guidance on how to best collaborate.

5. Track Project Updates

Last, but not least, our team will help aggregate any updates provided by the project for your team to share internally or externally.

Why GiveShop

The Future of Corporate Philanthropy is Integrated

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