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Living Storybooks

Follow project journeys from start to finish.

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Living Storybooks

The Challenge

Impact Tracking is Resource Intensive

Measuring impact is hard because not all impact is immediately quantifiable. Some efforts take time, where your contributions help projects get from point A to point B. So, how can we then verify contributions were effectively utilized without overloading resource-constrained impact organizations?

How we help

Impact Tracking Made Easy

We continually compile quantitative and qualitative updates into a single project profile for you to follow and share.

1. Set-Up Living Storybooks

Let us know which impact organizations you are working with, we’ll set up their living storybooks for you to follow.

2. Receive Shared Updates

Whenever an impact organization posts a new report or update, you will immediately see this in your living storybook.

3. Share

Easily share information internally or externally with key stakeholders.

4. Improve Over Time

Take project outcomes to continually inform and improve your impact strategy over time.

Why GiveShop

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